Crossing the footbridge

Here in smalltownland we have a unique piece of architecture. A footbridge provides crossing over a steep valley. It connects the town square to the old train depot. When it was built, it cost the city $4,500. That was all the way back in 1928. At its highest point it is 40 feet high and it is 445 feet long. It has a wooden plank walkway and you can see through the plank when you walk across. Sometimes, when a lot of people are on the bridge, it feels a little shaky. That gives the Deerslayer a case of the "willies". It is 5 feet wide and, as you can see, it does have fencing along the sides. Suspension footbridges are more common in the eastern part of our state, thus it is a unique part of our town. When the holidays roll around the city strings lights along each side of the bridge.


  1. Very neat bridge-it would give me the willies too.


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