Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Here at the farm we have received a shipment of new baby chicks. My friend, Southerfriedmomma, sent them to the farm. All thirty of the chicks, that were ordered, are female Polish breed chickens. They are in various colors and they all have the cutest puffy cotton ball fluff on the top of their heads. We did get a surprise in the shipment. Five Red Star Males were added in for "warmth". We can't wait to have a rooster out on the fencepost crowing to wake us up. We also have some other chickens in the henhouse that are about 4-5 weeks old. They are finding the new chicks quite interesting.


  1. MY babies....what did secret agent man say about the chicks? Is he pissed at me?

  2. So cute! You'll enjoy hearing the rooster crow.


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