Big Daddy Pimpin

I waited with baited breath for Southern Fried Momma to come pick me up for our girl's day out ....and low and behold my chariot rolled into the driveway! Her hubby, Rico, bought himself a big new pimp daddy caddy and generously let us drive it for the day. I know you were thinking that we were taking the pink barbie jeep there in the garage, but no. We rolled on up the highway in luxury and style to Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

Here we feasted on cheese grits, mac-n-cheese, fried green tomatoes, and sweet tea. Cuz, you know, we are true southern girls after all. We tried on a few things in the gift shop, because Southern Fried Momma needed some new sunglasses for the ride home.

We enjoyed the kooky decor which included, but seriously not limited to, these hot pajama covered legs hanging from the wall.

And, my day would not have been complete without taking a ride on the green rhino out in the parking lot. Cuz, you know.....that's how I roll.....

So, all you chicks out there, get a caddy, a chick buddy, and head up the road. It's a guaranteed good time. But, only if you wear flamingo sunglasses and ride the green rhino.


  1. We have some major FABULOUSITY going on!
    I am ready to go again but this time we have to wear the fabulous vintage dresses we bought.

  2. When I posted I hit the limit for uploading photos, so you and the bear statue will have to wait until next time! HA!

  3. That's just that pic of my huge ass...I have one of you with huge water goggles on...
    Go ahead...Make my day!

  4. Hey Tipper, we had a great time. Ate too much, spent too much at the antique store, and of course we were so exhausted we needed a pedicure.

  5. Sounds like a blast, y'all. My daughter, who is 15, likes Dejoni's flamingo glasses.

  6. azn8tive: I have a picture of Southern Fried Momma dancing with a concrete bear in the parking lot that will surely end up in an upcoming post.

    Dejoni: You can just bring on those goggles!


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