How about a movie?

Here in Smalltownland, we are lucky enough to still have a drive-in movie theater. I have the best childhood memories of seeing the movies "Grease" and "Star Wars" at this theater. The adults sat outside in their lawn chairs and the kids got the front seat! Woohoo! We put the speaker on the window, watched the movie and snacked the night away.

These days you can just tune your radio to a certain station and pick up the movie sound. It has become a hub of activity, with church groups attending movies and families loading up and hanging out for the triple feature. A favorite way to watch a movie is to back your pick up truck in a parking space and set your lawn chairs in the truck bed.

We saw the most recent Indiana Jones movie at the drive-in. The kids loved it. However, with my adult perspective in place, watching a movie here makes me feel like a mental patient. The kids like to hop in and out of the car. Undecided if they want to sit out in the lawn chair or in the front seat. They see their friends running to the snack bar and they want to go say hi. Then, since they have not been paying attention, they want a full rundown of what has been happening in the movie.

In the end, it is all worth it. I may feel temporarily insane, but great memories have been made and the kids already can't wait to go back. And, if you are looking for a job the sign does say "help wanted".....


  1. We need to take the kids again soon...the season will be over before you know it!

  2. Growing up in AZ, my family and I used to love going to the drive-in to see the latest movies. Alas, I don't think there is one here in No. AL. I think my kids would really enjoy it.

  3. We do need to take the kids again. THEY enjoy it. We can leave the men at home and hang out.

  4. I miss our drive-in-its a produce stand now days. Every time I stop there I think about the Sunday Night drive-in. Ours was a little rowdy sometimes.


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