How many licks does it take?

Does anyone out there remember having to lick those awful green stamps and put them into books? For the uneducated, Green Stamps were issued at the grocery store. It depended on the amount of your purchase, as to how many green stamps you would get. There were tiny green stamps and there were larger green stamps. You would collect these stamps, lick the back of them, and put them into booklets. There was an ever so special Green Stamp Catalog, that you could shop from. Each item was priced by "books". Hence, you could work on collecting your stamps for the item you wanted. I can remember driving to a neighboring town, an hour away, in a non-air conditioned car, to pick up an item from the Green Stamp Store. It is a wonder we did not die from heat stroke and from glue poisoning, just like George's girlfriend on Seinfeld.

I found this metal sign at our local antique mall and had to have it. I still haven't yet figured out what I am going to do with it, but for now, it will rest on my front porch. As a testament to dry, sticky tongues everywhere.


  1. I love the sign. I have licked a million of those dang stamps.
    I wish I could get some stamps for all the money I spend at the grocery and get some stuff for the house. My mom used to get lamps and picture frames...really cool stuff at the Green Stamp store.

  2. I absolutely remember green stamps!

    Most of the "decor" that was in my childhood bedroom was from the green stamp store. :)

    Love the sign!

  3. You mom-in-law used to dish out those green stamps at the local grocery store. She was the checker who would talk your leg off. I bet she has some "books" hoarded somewhere.

  4. Yes I remember the stamps! I would help my Mom collect them and drool over the catalog with her to see what we could get when we had enough. Good memories-thanks for reminding me. Although you are right-it was a real gimmick too.


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