Just in case.....

Just in case you ever make your way to smalltownland.....and you find my farm all the way out in the middle of nowhere.

And you survive the assault of my dogs.........yes, this cute animal really is my dog.

And then you wake up after passing out at the mere beauty of my sunflowers. You might decide that you want to go be a manly, man and shoot some trap with the Deerslayer. So, the two of you go to our lovely, local sportsman's club. Which, by the way, is also out in the middle of nowhere. Then, after watching the Deerslayer for a while you feel the call of nature, there is something you need to know....... It seems that here in smalltownland the labels "Men" and "Women" are not sufficient for the restrooms. When you feel the urge at the sportsman's club you must decide in a split second if you belong to the:

Or the:

I know you are thinking this is a tough choice, but I am guessing that my reading public is so intelligent....everyone can figure it out.


  1. I get it-but I've never seen it before! That is crazy.

  2. It is crazy. When I first went in to use the restroom, I directly went back out the door. I had never seen it before and was kind of taken aback. My husband, being a smarty, asked me if I needed it explained to me!


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