Let's meet Mr. B

I bet I know what you are thinking....who is this good looking man with the luscious locks? This is Mr. B., my dad. Here you see him being a very good sport. His granddaughters have a "dress up closet" and he is trying on their wigs.
Although he might not look like it here, he served his country with a career in the Air Force. I bet he calls me this weekend asking why in the world did I put his picture on the internet.


  1. How fun!

    Your dad is a GREAT sport! :)

  2. I have finally met the infamous Mr. B. Now I know where you get your red hair!?!?!?!
    Could you get Toots to do this to Secret Agent Man? I would pay good money for some pics like that.
    I have decided to pass on the Emus...what do you think about some peacocks on the farm....BAHAWAHWAHA!


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