Dear Maw

Dear Maw,

I just wanted to write you a note and let you know that all is well. The Deerslayer is taking really good care of me and introducing me to all of his soldier friends. One of them even offered to lift my skirt when I was crossing a puddle, but I declined. Although he was rather gentlemanly, he was also rather rank as the men in camp rarely bathe. Pity.

My days are full of gathering and preparing food. We already have a squirrel in the pot for tonight's supper. There are a few other ladies here and all seem quite nice. All except for Constance, who put a Opossum in my tent. Her delicate features belie her manly ways. But not to worry, I set her skirt on fire when we were cooking. I told her, in my most genteel manner, that it was an accident. She believed me. Maw, you taught me well....

I must go now. Since Jefferson bathed today, I shall let him accompany me on my walk.

Your beloved daughter,


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