I've been tagged!

My friend and partner in crime, Southern Fried Momma, has tagged me. So, now all five of you, my loyal readers, are about to learn things about me that you never knew...
1. I love chickens. Please don't ask me why. I really don't know. This love affair started a few years ago and now I have chickens of my own. I used to call them, "my girls", but now a couple of roosters reside with us.
2. I have been aboard a nuclear submarine. Yes, for real. I was able to check out the whole inner workings of the sub, including the kitchen, torpedo area, the periscope, and the bunks. Several hunky, fine sailor men helped me climb up and down those tiny ladders. They also made sure I did not fall into the water while walking along the top of the sub. *sigh* Yes, Secret Agent Man was with me, but he was so immersed in the whole operation that Bigfoot could have been helping me along and he wouldn't have noticed.
3. I have a Jack Russell that sleeps with me everynight. This might not sound so unusual, except when I tell you that she lays her head on the pillow and wiggles her body under the covers. This is all fine and good while Secret Agent Man is away for a couple of weeks, but the dog gets perturbed when he comes back home to reclaim his side of the bed.
4. After I was born my family moved to England, where we lived for five years. When we came back to the states my mom (Babs) tells me that I had a cute, English accent.
5. Once, while I was backing my mom's car out of the driveway, I ran right into my dad's car parked in the street. Yes, both cars were damaged and yes, both parents were ticked. I hope my kids don't do this....
6. When I was a little girl I liked to play "hotel". I would put a bobby pin on a silver chain and go around the house "unlocking" doors". Decoded: I would stick the bobby pin in outlets. Yes, people it ended up shocking the living daylights out of me. All Babs had to say was, " I told you so..." However, I know I have the incident to thank for my super powers. SHAZAM!
7. I like to read more than one book at a time. It depends on the day as to what I am in the mood to read, so I keep several going at one time. This is where my super powers come in handy.
8. I am ever so slightly obsessed with real estate. I love checking the listings, buying properties, (Secret Agent Man is really tired of this), and scoping out historic properties.
9. I have a graduate degree from college, but cannot play a card game to save my life. I love board games, etc...but, playing cards totally confuses me. Don't ask me why. My super powers don't help....
10. I have had the pleasure of seeing Lawrence Welk in concert! Yes! While living in North Dakota (really) my family attended the Norwegian festival held in Minot each year. Mr. Welk happened to strike up his accordian while we were stuffing our faces. The food was awesome, but that Polka stuff can really wear you down...
Thanks to Southern Fried Momma for the tag and check her out on my sidebar. I know that each and everyone of you feel so much more informed.


  1. Lawernce Welk????
    I had the pleasure of touching Liberace's fabulous fur coat while visiting the Executive Inn in Owensboro, KY when I was a kid.
    My dad was horrified I wanted to get close to him...but I couldn't help it...the furs...the diamonds...it was all too much for my little mind.

  2. I'm jealous of your super powers. We have a dog-Ruby who also sleeps like a human. Neat meme.


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