Say hello to my little friend....

The offspring and I went on a little journey to a softball tournament this weekend. And, to help direct us I bought a Garmin Navigational Unit. I have lovingly named her, Carmen. She led me directly to my destination and to many other impromptu destinations throughout our weekend. It was all so getting lost, no asking for directions. Carmen is my new best friend. Why, you are wondering, have I designated this unit as a female? How do I instinctly know she is a WOMAN?

1. She is sleek, stylish, and beautiful.

2. She is not afraid to take charge.

3. She always knows where she is going.

4. She is not afriad to tell you where to get an exit I mean.

Oh Carmen, I love you.....


  1. Mine is Stella...maybe they should get out for a girls day!!!

  2. See, we have automatically given our Garmins a female name...HA!

  3. Yep I agree she sounds like a woman!!


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