Specialized engineering

The chicken ladies are growing in fabulous form....as you can see. Although, I am not quite sure how THEY can see.

This weekend Secret Agent Man helped me to get their outside pen finished. We have had some problems in the barn (yes, I mean you, Mr. Raccoon) and they have been leading a little bit of a secluded life.

They are now frolicking out and about and loving every minute of it. Secret Agent Man is soooo fabulous that he used his incredibly specialized engineering techniques to finish the pen. The beauty of it all is more than I could have hoped for.


  1. Does Secret Agent Man hire out? 'Cause that is some major feat of engineering there....I'm impressed.

  2. I bet Rico can't top that kind of work....

  3. Just one question...what type of chickens are those? I've never seen anything like them.

  4. These are Polish Chickens. They grow that "tophat" of feathers and it is quite thick. They are only a month old, but their head feathers are so profuse that they can barely see.

  5. Thanks! They're really cool to look at.


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