State Fair Time :)

People, it's state fair time and you know what this means.....FOOD ON A STICK! One of the most wondrous of all inventions of modern man. This means eating WITH mobility and I don't have to cut anyone's food.

Today we took in all of the sights, sounds and sometimes smells, of our great state fair. This meant some serious silliness on carnival rides.

Fawning over the cutest farm animals that we have ever seen. And, might I say the CLEANEST....I mean, I don't think my children are as clean as this pristine white goat.

There were lots of giant guitars to play, tidy tacos to eat, and some whining to listen to. So....when that got to be too much, we took off to our great farm way, way, way out yonder.

And, we took a hot tip from this duck and went to bed.

The End


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