They're gonna put me in the movies....

This is Star. You know, as in "I'm gonna be a big star someday". NOT as in, I am Star Jones kind of crazy.
Star competed this past weekend in the Coca Cola Talent Classic at our State Fair. Because, you know, she is that talented.

Star sings AND plays the the same time! She did a fabulous job and we are all so proud of her. We all know that one day, when she is famous, she will reward us (her groupies) with free, front seat tickets to her concerts. Along with all of the new cars and houses that she doesn't want anymore. And, all of that awesome makeup and wardrobe that she doesn't want anymore ....just for me.

Star, we love you and are so proud of you. Please forgive this fuzzy last picture. Secret Agent Man was in charge of the camera....that should explain it all.


  1. Way to go Star!!! You are so talented and we all know you'll go really far with your music career.
    Please remember all us "little" folk when you get famous...and yes, I want some of those clothes and makeup too!

  2. We went to nashville Yesterday and she got to make a Video!!!!!!!! she did good but was a nervous wreck! It is on a flash drive and I think on Oct 21st you will be able to go on CMT and see it on their website. You can vote for your favorite!! HINT ! HINT!


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