Woooo! It's Party Time!!!

Brace yourselves people! We are drinking 2% milk at our house tonight!! Wooohoooo! The offspring don't know what to think of it all that milky, creamy, fatty goodness. After making the 20 minute roundtrip to our nearest store I came home with this gem. It was all they had in stock. Secret Agent Man was horrified that I actually paid money for this. He will not be partaking in the milk consumption, but not to worry....I will be drinking his share.


  1. Secret Agent Man has issues...major issues. He needs some kind of psychotherapy...
    I'm glad to hear your living on the wild side!

  2. It is a sad, sad day when my only excitement is drinking 2% milk....

  3. I think the brand is neat-one I've never heard of!

  4. Yea.... we love Dean's products. The Farmer used to work for Dean's and we have stock in the company, so keep buying Dean's!!!! Their sour cream is the best. I guess I'm not understanding Secret Agent Man's issue. Is it because it's not whole milk?

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


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