Aye, matey!

This morning I dutifully drove the offspring to school. This is quite an ordinary task, one that possibly I could do in my sleep. Not much conversation happens on the morning drive to school. Toots and the Deerslayer are still half asleep. And, sometimes they fall back to sleep on the drive to town. Thanks goodness I have the horrifying habit of obssesively playing with the radio buttons, or I to, might fall asleep.

We make it to town safely and I zoom right on in the school parking lot. An old, red Mazda RX-7 drives right past my window. I take note that it is an older lady driving this racy little car. And then.....what to my wondering eyes do appear, but a parrot sitting on her shoulder. Behold! A pirate has moved to smalltownland. Aye, matey!

Okay, so maybe it's not really a pirate. Possibly a nutty grandma driving around with a large, blue and yellow Macaw on her shoulder. And me without my camera.....what does that say about my photojournalism skills?


  1. Oh man, wish I could have seen her! blessings, marlene

  2. You have found me out.I have been going out as my alter ego...pirate girl.
    Now, I will have to move on to something else...maybe stripper girl.

  3. At least she spiced up your morning. I bet you see her and her friend again-so take your camera!! You could even ask her to pose?

  4. Last night, while driving to the grocery, I saw a man with a Black Labrador on the back of his motorcycle. Animals are taking over.


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