Contest! Contest!

Yes! Yes! It is finally true. The first ever contest here on "It's a Small Town Life". And I know you are thinking, "Oh, Farmchick what do we have to do to win your most fabulous prize?" Well, first you have to look/examine this top secret, ultra-sketchy picture. This picture contains the men on Secret Agent Man's super secret SWAT Team. They are such a top secret team of guys that I had to black out their eyes to maintain their secret identities.

Here's the kicker.....if you can tell me which one of these men is the hottie, cow wrangler that I married you will win the fabulous prize shown below:

This is a set of four, blank notecards. Each card has a black & white photo on the front, showing a historic building in smalltownland. On the back of each card is the historical description of the building, in calligraphy print, no less. A wonderful lady in our town takes the photos and creates these most sought after cards, with her own delicate hands.

So, take a chance and send me your best guess. You never know, you might be a winner. Southern Fried Momma...your lips are sealed.

*Hint: Secret Agent Man does not have a mustache...


  1. I have no clue-so I let Chatter guess. She thinks secret agent man is the first man in the left row.

  2. Woman,
    I see no hotties...need better specimens.

  3. xajDejoni,
    These are the only specimens I have....a woman has to work with what she's got....


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