Doing some good in the neighborhood....

This past weekend our small town had our annual festival celebrating all things "cow". Yes, cow... But, my favorite part of the festival had to be getting a tour of a local historic restoration that is in progress on main street. Built in the 1820's, The Green River House was a hotel, back in it's day. It ceased operating as a hotel in the 1950's. Then, it was sectioned off as used as a barber shop, restaurant, retail shop, etc...

A wonderful local lady and her family are working on bringing this gem back to life in our community. I can't even begin to tell you what an undertaking this project is. There are four floors to renovate and also the original, historic brick kitchen located behind the hotel. Shards of pottery, photographs, spectacles, and all matter of historic remnants have been found thus far in the restoration. Above are a few photographs of the work in progress.


  1. Your pictures look great...mine, not so hot.
    I have much to learn.
    Did you get any orbs? I did'nt but I got some that are a little filmy...may be the photographer.

  2. Michelle, those black and whites are beautiful! I love your blog... your music is MY kinda music, too. Come back to Green River House anytime. --mimi


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