Local radio station gives free sex ed lesson

There are so many lovely things I could say about our local smalltownland radio station. They provide informative local programming and a totally up to the minute obituary report. And, if you have ever lived in a small town, you know that the obituaries are some hot news. Keeping up with the living and the dead around here can be a full time job.

My favorite program has to be the swap shop. No where else can you call in and tell the whole town that you have a goat, a couch on your porch, and a bucket of tomatoes for sale. All the while making small talk with the DJ, who knows you by name and asks how your mama and daddy are gettin' along.

Each morning, while driving the chiclets to school, we listen to the joke of the day. Now, I shouldn't even have to tell you that smalltownland is very conservative. At least on the surface. So, I never fear the joke of the day. It is always funny, clean, and enjoyed by all riding in the car. So, imagine my surprise when I heard the following:

A little old lady always put a $1,000 check in the offering plate each Sunday. After several weeks the pastor was worried that the little old lady might not have enough money for herself, so he decided to speak with her about it. She assured him that her son was sending her plenty of money because he was doing quite well for himself. The pastor inquired as to his line of work. The old lady said he was a veterinarian. The pastor replied that was quite a noble profession and that he must work very hard to earn so much. The old lady replied that he did indeed work hard as he had a cathouse in Vegas and one in Reno......and keeping up with both of them was almost too much!


So....we have that mild, pregnant pause in the car and then the Deerslayer (see pensive, good-looking 11 year old in above photo) asks that forthcoming question, "What is a cathouse?" So....ummmmm.....okay.....yes, we discussed what a "cathouse" is. And he was all like, "hmmmm". And that was that. And....I am not sure if we will ever listen to the joke of the day again.


  1. Well that is funny! Here the swap shop is called Party Line! And it's always a trip.

    We got your package-and are so thrilled- the girls just love the shirts. I'm going to send you a picture of them when I can get one! Chatter had to put her's on right out of the mailbox and wear it to clogging!! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!!

  2. I am glad the girls are enjoying the shirts. I think "party line" would be a more appropriate name for our radio show.

  3. hee hee!

    answering questions like that is always SO much fun! ;-)

  4. That is a shame. It is sad that someone has to ruin a good thing. Maybe they will learn from that joke. I am sure that you handled the question in a good way.


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