All in the name of Science

Today 5 of our cows had the distinct pleasure of participating in an in depth study of the Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus. Whew! Exciting stuff, eh?! Well, the "ladies" did not think it was so exciting. Here we have one running around out in the field and she was not very motivated to go into the cattle chute.

Blood samples had to be taken to check for antibodies to the virus. Here you see one of my fabulous, yet incredibly cold hands holding one of the vials. I am moving into the realm of "real farming" here because I not only labeled the vials, but I also GOT COW BLOOD ON MY HANDS!

Dr. Dan ,our favorite vet, came out to do the dirty work.

Here Dr. Dan is contemplating his next move while this lady is contemplating her "exam". All I am going to say about the "exam" is that it involved an extremely long glove and A LOT of manure. Much to our surprise, Dr. Dan told us that one of our ladies is expecting! Obviously she has matured faster than the other cows...... The Deerslayer says he can't wait to be an uncle. I am thinking that I hope I won't be needing some of those long gloves.

After all of the lovliness of blood samples and exams, it was time for everyone to be free.

I am just thankful I didn't end up with manure all over me.


  1. Fancy pants...I hear your cows are special and are going to college!!!!
    Congrats! Should I send graduation gifts?

  2. Send gifts, but only to me. I am the one who has chased those suckers around!

  3. Cow blood-wow you are a farmchick!


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