Asheville part II, AKA hauling ourselves up Chimney Rock

Our second day in Asheville found us traveling behind a line-painting truck while on a switchback road up a steep mountain. We spent about 25 minutes following this truck before he could finally pull over and let traffic pass.

The morning time fog should be a lesson learned: stay in bed until noon, then proceed up the mountain. We arrived at Chimney Rock Park to climb the steep staircase up to the "chimney". Literally meaning a tall rock sticking out of the mountain.

Although this picture looks a little hazy, the view was clearer at the top.

Walnut Falls is also at the park. We hiked the trail that takes you to the bottom of the falls. There is a trail that takes you to the top of the falls, unfortunately it was closed.

I think the Deerslayer's favortie part was the wild grapes he found growing throughout the park. He snacked on them quite a bit.

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  1. Great pictures!!!
    I'm wondering...did your chiclets jump on that nice bed????
    I'm about to go nuts here...will be home tomorrow.

  2. Do you know that for the first time ever, they did not jump on the bed. They were too amazed that they got chocolates on their pillows everynight.


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