Excursion to Asheville...the final installment

If you have ever gone to Asheville and not visited the Biltmore Estate....then shame on you. It is a must see. We actually spent 1 1/2 days going throught the house, greenhouse, grounds, farm, and winery. There is not much else you can say about the place, except that it is gorgeous. The house and the grounds are kept in pristine condition. The history of the place was wonderful and Toots participated in a "treasure hunt" when we went through the house. She had a list of things to find in each room we went in....there were a lot of rooms.

The greenhouse was my favorite part. They had many unique plants, but also many common plants growing in simply beautiful ways. Many aquatic plants were growing in large, simple pots. They did have quite a few Orchids and the pink Jack-in-the-pulpit shown below.

We also walked out to the Bass Pond. We were out here after the tours had stopped, so it was quite peaceful. Tours stop around 5pm, but the grounds stay open until dusk. Many people were meandering around, enjoying the property. The Bass Pond is home to Bass, but also a family of geese. There were small bridges, a gazebo, and waterfall in the area.

The most important thing that happened during the day was evident when we got back to the hotel room. Toots had left "Lammie" down in the covers. The maid had rescued Lammie and made sure she was in full view when we entered the room.


  1. What fun you all are having! You've been in my neck of the woods for days-and I didn't even know it! I live about 2 hours west of Asheville-but hubby is working there this week so you are close to him. Glad you guys are having fun.


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