It's the end of an era

When I first moved to smalltownland one of my first objectives was to get a library card. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the local libary and there were two ladies at a table drinking iced tea and a couple of small dogs milling around. Not only did the facility provide media options, but obviously social options as well. When I went up to the counter to obtain a card I was told, "Oh, honey we know who you are! Just sign your name on the card!" Sign my name on the card? I had not signed my name on a library card in a very long time. But, I was game. And I soon came to love this new part of living in a small town. No longer did I have to worry about returning books on I could keep them and read them twice if I wanted to. There were no computer records, etc... to keep up with all of the daily checkouts.
Once when I checked out a romance novel the librarian let me in on a little secret. It seemed that when one of the older ladies checked out a romance novel they would write on the card with pencil so they could erase their names when they returned the book. Heaven forbid that anyone in the town see that they had checked out a book with that kind of content. And, when they checked out any type of off color book, they looked at the card to see who had been reading that kind of smut! Small towns can be hard to live in....
So, imagine my horror when I was breezing through the library today and a lady behind the desk said, "Hey, Farmchick you haven't signed up for our NEW library cards". You have got to be kidding me.... just when I finally got used to doing it "old school". Just when I was getting the hang of this small town gig.
Now I am going to have to look under the chiclet's beds and clean out the back of my Durango. I am going to have to part with that Barbara Kingsolver book that I love so much. Now I can only read the book ONCE before I return it. Now, everything is computerized. Now, they will CHARGE me for overdue books. How did I ever live in the city?


  1. Farmchick,
    I had no idea! I've grown roots while reading your blog but I really must get up and be productive around the house.

    I enjoyed reading all your too-familiar anecdotes! Consider a novel because you really can't make this stuff up.
    Ms. Connie (I don't have a nickname--yet. I'm working on it.)

  2. Hey Connie!
    Great to have you aboard. Glad you enjoyed it so far. We will have to work on your nickname.

  3. Now I do believe you live in a smaller town than me!


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