Like a house on fire

You know living out here in the sticks can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I have no surprise visits....from anyone. Everyone tells me it takes too long to get to my house. The neighbors that I do have are certainly not in shouting distance. This can be a bad situation for the chiclets. On occasion they do get bored. It is at these times when they really bring out their creative sides to entertain themselves.

Here we have Mr. Jerry and his infant daughter Ava. Obviously, they are having a smoke situation in their house. Hopefully, help will arrive soon.

I see a lengthy ladder in place and little Ava looks like she might be headed toward safety. Or, if Mr. Jerry doesn't get his rear in gear, the kid is going to fall right out the window. has arrived. Nothing like a few plastic firemen to save the day.

Toots and the Deerslayer had a great time setting up this scenario. And lest you think I have no parental control, the smoke was created by our very own nebulizer, used by the Toots. Also, not to vintage dollhouse survived the fire.


  1. Looks like fun! I love love your doll house. I still have mine from childhood too-its similar too yours.


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