All in the family

This 40th anniversary compilation book is one of my recent favorite readings. Many of you are no doubt familiar with the Foxfire series. It really started in 1966 as a magazine program allowing English students to interview local old-timers and showcase some student work. It truly honors a mountain way of life that many refer to as "hillbilly" or "mountainfolk". Prior to this most current edition, are twelve books that give information from building a log cabin to killing a hog. So, Santa if you are listening....I would like the other twelve books :)

One of my favorite parts of this book starts on page 82 with the conjuring of warts. Before I read this book, I thought that warts were merely "cured". But, that is not so. In fact, they are conjured. Many different ways of conjuring warts are discussed in this section. One person placed flint rocks on the warts, some say a Bible verse, and one person made the mark of a cross, with a knife, on top of the wart. The thing that the people had in common in this book, is that they had this ability passed to them from a blood relative. The specifics of how to conjure are not spoken about openly, the "secret" is kept in the family.

I found this part of the book most interesting because Mr. B told me his Aunt has this ability. He said when he was young she conjured a wart from his hand. He said she did not say a Bible verse, nor did she actually do anything really out of the ordinary. He did say that she held his hand and repeatedly asked him if he believed.

Mr. B told her that he really did believe. He said his wart did actually disappear. As far as Mr. B knows, his Aunt never did pass on her ability. I tried to persuade him to call her and ask about this situation. However, he was pretty reluctant. You know....I might be feeling "the calling".


  1. I used to have a set of those books. no conjuring for me I get the heebeegeebees easy

  2. Woman,
    I have all 12 books in my basement.
    I have heard of the conjuring of warts and also the seventh son of the seventh son or a person whose father died before they were born getting rid of thrush in babies. I used one on Rachel when she was a baby and it worked.
    Crazy huh?

  3. Dearest Dejoni,
    Send over the books, I shall start building my cabin, growing herbs, and conjuring warts. I'll be the talk of the town....

    Actually, I don't think the "thrush cure" is crazy at all. I have had people tell me about that before. I think it is kind of interesting.


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