All together now!!

Okay your best Heidi Klum voice, on the count of three.....1...2...3...
Auf Wiedersehen! *Mwah* *Mwah*

Yes, our small herd of cows have left our humble abode. It seems like yesterday when they arrived. They had just been taken away from their mothers. They cried and cried. And, then they heard a mother cow on a neighboring farm. Thus ensued a broken fencepost and much calf wrangling. Calf wrangling meaning it took three adults and four kids to get that calf back on our farm. It really wasn't a great first impression.

They have gone to live the high life on a new farm, where they will continue to participate in a university study. So, don't worry. They won't be arriving at your local supermarket anytime soon.


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