A blast from the past

I know what all of you have been thinking. *Just what does this crazy, cow chasing, farmchick look like?* Well, here I am in all of my mugshot glory. And, I know that right at this very minute you are also thinking....*I wonder what she would have looked like in the year 1964?*

Well, hey y'all! Here I am in 1964. I bet Mr. B is looking at this right now and falling off his chair laughing. I'm kind of digging the hairdo. Although, it looks a bit stiff and hard to sleep in.

So, right at this minute go to the year book yourself web page and have some fun! I have put the link at the bottom of this post. So, click it!!



  1. What a neat application! I think you were cute in the past and are beautiful in the present!

  2. Thanks for the comment Tipper. My daughter liked the photo of me with the afro, but I was not brave enough to post that one!


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