Did you vote???

For all of you that check in here today, I hope you voted for the candidate of your choice. I certainly did. My voting location is actually at an incredibly small grocery store located close to my farm. When I first moved out to the farm, election time was close at hand. The county courthouse sent me my new polling location address. I really didn't think too much about it. I knew where the grocery store was, even though I had not really started to frequent it.

Imagine my surprise when I showed up to vote. The lone voting maching was located in a dingy room behind the store. The ceiling was sagging and I am surprised the floor held up the weight of the voting machine. I am sure my chin hit the floor went I walked inside. However, everyone called me "Hon" and told me how glad they were that Secret Agent Man and myself, had bought our farm. How can you not like that? So, I quickly got past the grimy walls.

Today I voted inside a tiny outdoor storage building that the county decided to move next to the grocery store. WHEW! It is quite the improvement.....and much needed. I was still greeted warmly by all inside the storage building and casted my vote. I hope you did too.


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