Doin' more good in the neighborhood

Secret Agent Man and myself, with our wonderful, dear friends, Southern Fried Momma and her spouse, Rico... bought a building on the old town square. We all bought it in hopes of bringing in business and assisting with the revitalization of smalltownland. After many hours spent cleaning and shoveling, I think we are all wondering if the clean up is ever going to end. Here is a picture of a small portion of the store. Originally it was the "Five and Dime" in smalltownland. My grandmother told me they used to carry Buster Brown shoes and clothes. Also, a lunch counter was in the store. Countless amounts of old shelving units have been hauled out of the store. In this photo the original wood flooring is showing! Woohoo, what a find. Also, old 1970's paneling is being taken off of the walls.

Secret Agent Man and the Deerslayer have been having fun using this mini-truck (with a dump bed) to haul items out of the store.

Several interesting items have been found in the store. Old soda bottles, a huge plastic Santa head, large wire bins, old adding machines, and countless other items. This advertisement for an infant health product was found in the basement on an old display cabinet.

And last, but not least, a plastic apostrophe found in a pile of rubble. A little weird, but interesting for sure.

A big shout out to Rico and Secret Agent Man for doing a lot of the "dirty work". I will post more on this continuing saga, as we all hope to have all of the work finished in the next couple of months.


  1. this is so stinkin cool! so what's it going to be? what''s the dream?

  2. Right now we are going to lease the space and we do have some people interested. Southern Fried Momma and myself originally thought we might open a small retail type shop. But, then we realized we cannot quit our day jobs!

  3. I'd forgotten about the Buster Brown clothing! When I was little and EVERY child had big birthday parties, it was very common to receive a piece of the fashionable B.B. clothing as a gift. That's when you could find about anything at the "dime store" and make a present of it.


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