Once upon a time the best that I could seem to do, was a Karate-chop picture of my children. I could not get them to pose, nor act serioius.

But, times change and children grow up. They decide that "YES" they will pose for just a few minutes so you can get a decent shot for the upcoming Christmas card.

And that, "few minutes", is up in about thirty seconds and they are cracking up, once again.

Making goofy faces into my camera.

Or, smarmy, middle school boy stares, trying to crack me up.


  1. The pics are great!!
    At least you can get them together in a shot. Rachel and Ella get in the same shot and all I get is screaming.

  2. I finally had time to sit and read your whole site! I miss all your small town stories I use to hear. Glad I finally got to see updated pictures of your kids, they really look like you!

  3. Dejoni - I swear the photo shoot lasted about 15 minutes and it contained a lot of unhappiness.

    Kerry - Great to hear your comments! Glad you had a chance to read the blog and I'll be better at e-mailing, promise!

  4. Love the pictures!! I have the same problem with my girls-too much hysteria.


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