Blogging in the boonies

See this funky little satellite dish? It has become the bain of my existence. Well, my internet existence, anyway. Most people in smalltownland know that I live in the boonies. Even Southern Fried Momma, thinks I live pretty far out in the country. Actually, I live at the dead end of a little country road. As peaceful as this sounds, it really stinks when it comes to internet service. For the longest time I had dial up service. And, was awful. When you have to wait thirty minutes to load one photograph, you know something has to change.

So, when our phone company offered internet service via satellite I jumped at the chance. I live too far out to even have DSL/Broadband service, so this would be my only chance at high speed internet service. Thus far, it has been pretty good. Except this past week when we had some dense, funky cloud cover. This meant no internet service/reception for me for three days. I could not obtain a signal and that meant no blogging, no internet surfing, and no fun while the chiclets hogged the television.

It's good to finally be back among the blogging.


  1. Oh help, I'd be a mental case. I mean really this blogging thing has become a compulsive behavior. Drugs are going to be invented to help "blogging junkies" and support groups. Can you see it now? My name is Farmchick and I'm a blogaholic. My internet crashed and I moved my entire family to get DSL; now that's an extreme makeover. And this is a crazy comment!

  2. I am surprised the phone company even offered the service to you since you live so far out they have to pipe in sunshine.


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