Christmas memories...

We always celebrated Christmas, ever since I've been big enough t'remember. When night come, we always went t' the chimney corner, pulled our stockin's off, an' hung' em up. An' Santa Claus come while we was in bed alseep. Put up a dirty sock. It's just as good in a dirty sock as it was in a clean sock. We' stick a stick in the chimney and hang them stockin's up on the stick, an' when we woke up next mornin', it'd be full of apples an' oranges and two or three sticks ' candy.

Annie Perry, Winter 1973

Well, one special gift I got was a toothbrush made out of a birch or black gum twigs. It was about eight inches long, and one end was chewed to make it like a brush. We'd dip it in a snuffbox and brush our teeth with that. It was so special 'cause it's the first one I'd ever gotten.

Lara Coggins, A Foxfire Christmas

Memories taken from, The Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book - Faith, Family, and the Land


  1. My mom used to get fruit and nuts in her stockin and it was very special. she put oranges and nuts in mine when I was a girl. I tried it with my daughter and no go. Maybe a pomegranate would be appreciated. something different.
    So far this year we have done a lot of baking and little get togethers and not so much commercial stuff. I hope the girls will be happy on actual Christmas morning.

  2. That sounds like an interesting book. The second entry makes me feel very thankful for my modern toothbrush and toothpaste.

  3. When I was little fruit and nuts were always in my stocking at Christmas. And, actually it was mostly oranges for the fruit.


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