Ice, ice, everywhere

This morning we woke up to some fairly icy conditions here in smalltownland. In a bigger city that might not have made a huge difference. But, here in smalltownland, it can be quite tricky. Many people, much like myself, live far out in the county on small, twisty, country roads. So, the chiclets get a day off from school and I get a day to blog, loaf, bake, cook, and enjoy.

A thin coating of ice was everywhere. An elderly man, in a salt truck, came down our road. I was glad to see him, until he decided to get out of the truck to check the machine on the back. He held on to the side of the truck for dear life. I just knew he was going to fall, but he made it safely.

This type of time off means a gourmet lunch of tomato soup with grilled cheese. The chiclets will be thrilled...not!


  1. Pretty ice-and a day off is always nice! Love the ruby car too.

  2. Tomato soup and grilled cheese is my favorite stand-by meal--pepperjack makes it for me.

    Kathy P. wistfully pointed out Ruby parked next to her big SUV yesterday. Apparently she's been thinking about cars along that line as well.

  3. I hope you enjoy the day off! You should bake something for your friends. Hint...hint!

  4. We love tomato soup and grilled cheese, too. I like your pictures.


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