If you can't find a Pearl, a Ruby will do....

Several months ago I posted an entry about missing the winning bid on a nice, little Cadillac CTS. She was all pearly white with leather and power everything. Ahhhh....I was a little sad. I mean, she was going to be my mid-life crisis car. I was going to zoom around smalltownland with my hair flying out the sunroof. Alas....she was not meant to be.

So, with a certain milestone birthday ahead of me in a few days, (yes, the big 40) and Christmas looming around the corner, it was time for some action. Secret Agent Man took the day off Friday and picked up a little Ruby for me. She is quite the gem, literally. The chiclets are a little dismayed that they will not be eating chicken nuggets in the new car, but I think they will adapt.


  1. I love Ruby!!! She is fantabulous.
    We should take her when we hit Nashvegas in Feb.
    I know your not letting the kids eat nuggets in there but can I have a Collins?

  2. Ruby is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Happy Birthday! You're not alone in the 4-0 department. I hit it back in February, so far so good. Nothing's fallen off or quit working...yet! :)

    Nashvegas?! If that's what I think it is, it's an hour and half drive north of me.

  3. I shall confess to both of you that I already made "mark" on Ruby when I rubbed her against an antique plow, out in my landscaping. I know...I know...don't even ask how that happened.

    The Collins is only possible if you have a lid on that cup.

  4. Now this is interesting, your out in the boonies with dial up internet and living the simple country life and add a RUBY caddy to the mix!! now that's what I call interesting!
    Is there going to be a follow up story on this?

  5. I guess this is why I am a "Farm" "Chick". The Caddy keeps me in touch with my chick side.

  6. I have this really clear vision of S.A.M. trolling around car lots looking for this Caddy...tell me you're not going to let him drive it!!! It makes me fear for your beautiful present, because I remember his mad driving skilz from high school. *shudder*


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