A band-aid for my Ruby

You know how you pine for something for a long, long, long time? You desire this thing with your innermost being, although deep down you know you are being materialistic? And then, out of the blue, it really happens! You get that one thing you have been dreaming of and then your Secret Agent husband slams into it with his enormous Mac Daddy truck? Yes, it's true. My beloved Ruby took a hit from Secret Agent Man.....after having her in my possession for a mere five days she already needed a trip to the ER.

But, never fear, because here in smalltownland we have this great guy who can fix most any damaged car. At first you might not think he has these capabilities because he drives around town with a big screwdriver for his antennae. He also happens to go by the nickname, "Pig". You have to expect this kind of quirkiness around here.

Ruby came out of his shop looking like nothing had ever happened to her. Even though Pig called to let us know it would take a couple of extra days because we had that "new fangle-dy" paint on Ruby. He gave her the spa treatment, buffed her down, and made her extra sparkly. Thanks Pig!


  1. That would just make me sick. Glad to know she's in good hands.

  2. Glad Ruby has been restored. I would have been a little sick but then, you realize it's only metal and paint.

    I don't believe I know of "Pig". What a nickname.

  3. Glad to see Ruby is up and running again.
    Get SAM some glasses...it's pretty obvious he can't see shit. How could he not see beautiful Ruby??

  4. And you didn't strangle him? I'm impressed.


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