Come on, you know you want one

Recently, here in smalltownland, the Deerslayer made a fine discovery. A nice little patch of Hedgeapples growing behind a local church. Some of you reading this might know these items by a different name. Perhaps Monkey Balls, Horse Apples, Green Brains, or Mock Oranges. They are, in fact, the fruit of the Osage Orange Tree. Osage Orange Trees are either male or female, so not all of the trees will bear this fruit. Hedgeapples are not poisonous, but if given to cattle they can choke on them.
Folklore says that Hedgeapples are used as a natural repellent to spiders and insects. I put several around the house and a small pile in my kitchen. I think their scent is wonderful. Historically, the wood from the Osage Orange Tree is used in making primitive bows, for hunting. You would most likely see these in decorating magazines today. I believe Martha Stewart is a big fan of them.


  1. My kids call them Monkey Brains. I love to take pictures of them, but they are very sticky.

  2. Monkey balls...makes me a Beavis and Butthead kinda way.

  3. I've never seen them before, but then again I'm not originally from the South.

    Do they work as a pest repellent?

  4. azn8tive - well, I have them out in the house, but I am not sure if they are really effective. However, a lady I work with told me that you have to get them before the first frost for them to work as a repellent.


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