History in the making

I have mentioned in my writings before that I am married to a super secret squirrel. And thus, I refer to him as, Secret Agent Man. He gets to jaunt around the country doing super secret stuff and throughout his career has been able to participate in many historical events. This past week was no exception.

He was in Washington, D.C. , witnessing the inauguration of our new president. Security units, from all over the country, came into Washington to assist in managing the vast population of people that filled the city.

I will admit that I have sometimes envied his job. He has met many important, historical, political figures and he has been able to participate in all types of events.

However, I did not envy his job this time. He was outside for thirteen hours during the inauguration, beginning before daylight. That is definitely not my kind of work.

And the official word on this wacky picture is that there was one port-o-john for every four hundred people present. Not my kind of odds.


  1. It can be scary too having a loved one in those situations. I would NOT be liking those port a potty odds either,....EEEWWWWWW

  2. Wasn't this was why he changed gears career-wise: all the glamour of standing outside in ungodly weather for endless hours, jogging alongside cars, standing around looking solemn without twitching even if you have an itch that defies a short ton of Benadryl, et cetera...not to mention getting to move back home to the hotbed of excitement where we grew up?

    *cue "Green Acres" theme*

  3. Karen - I cannot live with those port a potty odds. No way.

    AiredaleGirl - Yes, this was why we moved back to this hotbed of excitement. He must miss the glamour of his previous job very much to stand outside in the freezing cold for 15 hours.

  4. Just read all of your "Secret Agent" posts. Enjoyed them so much.....I also have my own "Secret Agent" daughter, that is sometimes part of history in the making.


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