I am a real mom now....

Fairly recently my little Deerslayer got off the bus at my place of employment. He stated that he would need to be back at his school in an hour for a special band concert. Hmmm....a concert I was really not aware of, that he had naturally failed to mention. And then, just by the way, he happened to mention that he would be needing a white shirt, black pants, and some black shoes to wear to the event that evening. WHAT???!!! At that moment a very lovely coworker (who herself had raised three children) touched me on the shoulder, told me to take a deep breath, and that this moment would soon pass.

You see......we live in a tiny, extra teensy-weensy, little town. We have no clothing, nor shoe stores. Okay, okay, we do have a Dollar General. But, he needed more than a pair of fake Crocs and a camouflaged t-shirt. The Deerslayer's news meant that I would have to drive to the neighboring town, select clothes/shoes, get him dressed, and back at his school in less than an hour.

Let's see.....how does that commercial go?

shoes - $23.99

two pair of black pants (in case one didn't fit...no time to try on) - $35.00

belt (in case waist on pants was too big) - $10.99

white shirt - $12.99 (never to be used again, as it ended the evening being covered in trombone oil)

One happy, proud, smiling kid, waving to his dad - PRICELESS!!

Thanks to Secret Agent Man for this fuzzy photo...bless his heart.

Also, a special thanks to my coworker, Ms. New York, for taking the time to make me breath, before I passed out, right then and there.


  1. Been there and I have done that... exactly that to my mom many years ago. The funny thing is I am wondering how I am going to be paid back.......you know the old saying we reep what we sew... lets see what Kiwi will be doing to me. We have made it to 13 but I am sure it's coming. But the great thing is: Being a parent is the best job in the world!

  2. That particular sartorial combo is pretty much de rigeur for boys a la the band concert unless the director a) demands a jacket and tie, or b) puts them in a school-owned tux or the marching uniform.

    You can't imagine how amused I am at the thought of S.A.M. as a band booster. That TOTALLY makes my day!

  3. Been there, done that! It doesn't get any easier, but it sure is worth it to see them smile! It gets infinitely more taxing as they get into high school. My youngest is an 8th grader in the middle school band, fixing to move up to the high school next year. Ugh!!! Though can't wait to see him play at the football games. :)

  4. What size does deerslayer wear? I might have some dark (black) slacks that would fit him as my boy seems to outgrow them faster than I can buy them.

  5. Tonya - my son will soon be turning 12, so I am guessing we have a lot more of this stuff in the future. There is never a dull moment with him.

    Airedale Girl - Secret Agent Man is still getting used to this band stuff. You can imagine the look on his twin brother's face when he learned his nephew is in the band. We do now have a supply of black pants/white shirt/shoes.

  6. azn8tive - my son is moving into a men's small already. He is suddenly outgrowing everything and already eating us out of house and home.

  7. Yes priceless! And he is lucky to have a mom like you!

  8. I believe I know secret agent man.... I didn't realize you live in my hometown and I knew the twins growing up, although I am several years younger than them. Please tell him I said Hi! and where is that red barn located..it's like dejavu. I am a friend of southernfried momma. That is how I came upon your blog.

  9. Tonya - that barn is actually on our farm. I think Secret Agent Man is getting some payback (from our son) for all of the crazy stuff he did to his parents! I'll tell him you said hi!


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