Off the grid....

For the past few days we have been off the grid. No electricity at all. Continued freezing rain put the power out, in our end of the county, on Tuesday. It did come back on today, but it has not been steady.

Our wood stoves have really saved us. They provided heat for us and heat for the house. Thus, our pipes did not freeze and add to the problems.

We heated up meals on the wood stove and drove into town in our farm truck. However, that was precarious. Many, many trees have fallen from the weight of the ice. Limbs are on the small country roads and some power lines have fallen as well.

No TV, no video games, no computer blogging!!! The horror of it all. What do you do? You drive to grandma's house in town, where she has electricity and hot water.

And then you come back to your old farm house in the evening and lounge by the wood stove. You put on a headlamp and read a 704 page novel. It was a great book.


  1. Woman,
    I was getting ready to put your face on a milk carton. Thought you were lost in the storm.
    Told your hubby you could camp out at my house during the day as I had to work...he said "we'll be alright."
    I'm impressed with the wood stove cooking...a regular hillbilly.

  2. What novel did you read?

    Cooking on the wood stove--very resourceful and I'll bet the chiclets loved it.

  3. Dejoni - SAM kept telling me how we needed to "hunker down" it could be mid-February before we got any power. He got all into it.

    Connie - I read "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. Virginia told me it was great and she was right. The chiclets were not too impressed by the wood stove cooking. They wanted electricity.

  4. Without realizing it you answered my blog question and all I can say is.........stay warm:)

  5. OH! I am thinking I mentioned this book a while of Dracula and LOTS of eastern European history? I read it a couple of summers ago and thought it was so interesting and really enjoyed it.


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