The birds are tweeting!

We have finally thawed out here in smalltownland. Most people have their electricity back and school is in session. Yesterday we spent a sunny, Sunday afternoon playing outside in springtime weather. Ice one week and sunshine the next. It really is strange, but how can you complain? You just soak it in and enjoy, because we have a forecast for thunderstorms tomorrow!


  1. It has been so nice! I have been in flip flops for the past two days!

  2. you have an award at my place if you'd like.

  3. It can stay this way for a while. Well...except for the storms. It was wild here today.

    Hope all is well with y'all.

  4. It has been wild here today, as well. And, a couple of us in the household now have allergy problems due to the warm weather. We can't seem to win.


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