Happy Birthday Toots

Eight years ago, very early in the morning......a baby girl came into our lives. She was a little bigger than anyone was expecting.

Her first look at me instigated a loud howl......from her, not me.

Several years and many howling nights later she has turned into the best girl I know.

All skinny legs and happiness, laughter and softball bats, and a total unwillingness to do anything with that hair.

We love her very much anyway.


  1. Happy Birthday Toots!
    Wishing you lots of glitter, tiara's and other things fabulous!
    From your mother's most fabulous friend and the only one who buys you trashy stuff,

  2. I love her! Those care free long haired wild things! Eight is an enchanting age just enjoy enjoy!! Great pictures.

  3. Happy Birthday, Toots!

    May you bring happiness and joy to your Momma every day!!!

  4. I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday. She turned into a beautiful young girl.

  5. Abby you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

    Jacob Scott


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