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I would like to report to all of my faithful readers that the skunk episode did not happen again at the farmette, but alas I would telling a big fat lie. After arriving home from work the following afternoon, the episode repeated itself in grander glory.

The Deerslayer was out hiking around the farm, as he is known to do. Toots was driving the Barbie Jeep and I was walking on our road. All was well and good with the world. But, Murphy's Law decided to kick in and I spied the Deerslayer walking, barely five feet, behind a skunk. Might I say, a king sized skunk at that. This duo was on the hill by the barn. The Deerslayer decided to take matters into his own hands at the sight of this animal and was throwing rocks at the offensive critter. The skunk was waddling away, all the while the Deerslayer kept throwing rocks at him(her). At this point I can only imagine that this creature is a her.....due to the full abdomen.

I, seeing a disaster in the making, start screaming/yelling/ordering the Deerslayer to halt all activities and come back toward the house. He does not listen to these instructions. And yes, he had to have heard me because I was yelling so loud that all surrounding farms could have heard. Our Border Collie sees his plight, and immediately goes to his aide. Thus she was sprayed and the Deerslayer was not. "De-skunking" ensued and all was bright and sunny again. Then, she went outside only to get sprayed, yet again. More "de-skunking" ensued and the last strand of my sanity went down the drain with the peroxide.

This morning Secret Agent Man was available for some face to face conversation. Because, as fate would have it, he has been gone all week working in a warm climate, complete with a beach and colorful sunset. He found the story of the Deerslayer throwing rocks at a skunk a little far fetched. However, when he realized that I had witnessed the incident he became quiet. I let him know that some skunk eradication was going to have to happen here at the farmette. His response to this was, "Hmmmm....."

I can see I am going to have to take matters into my own hands. There is no way I can ask a fellow employee to give me a "sniff check"....again.


  1. Woman,
    You are going to have to start packing heat this time of year to shoot them yourself.
    If you get sprayed, I may just have to piss myself. I can't think of anything funnier...oh, wait, if SAM got sprayed...that would be the funnier.
    Can we catch one and put it in his truck?

  2. I am saying RIGHT NOW, that I will NOT be getting sprayed. That is why I am giving this job to SAM! Although, in reality the Deerslayer wants this job in a desperate way.

  3. You can't get rid of them, they have lots of babies, after awhile you get kinda used to it. We had almost daily visits from skunks when we lived in California. I honestly don't think they have a predator. I really don't remember hearing of any. Our whole neighborhood got used to it. One old lady set out dishes of water and goodies so she could watch one of the mamas parade her little brood of baby stinkers. I thought that was carrying things to far. The other critter we had in abundance was possums. I hate possums they are ugly and they hiss. They have alligator shaped mouths with tiny razor sharp teeth and they give me the willies. I would take a skunk over a possum any day. Actually your Jack Russell terrier maybe able to help you out they are natural rat killers. Maybe he thinks it's a big rat. You better buy in bulk.

  4. OMG run! I would be so afraid.

  5. just stopping by!!!!
    very cute blog!!!!!
    sorry to hear about your skunk adventures!!!!!

  6. I think setting SAM up to get sprayed would motivate him in a serious way to get rid of your little rabies-carrying friends. Then again, what kind of urine does he use for his masking scent when he hunts? It may backfire.

    It's time to call a professional critter removal company. However, if SAM and the Great Secret Squirrel decided to take this on themselves, you had better get video (from a safe distance, of course). We need something to pee our pants about at the next reunion!

  7. I'm with Dejoni-pack some heat for the little suckers! This post made me smile-I'm sorry for your smelly pain but it is funny.


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