This morning I was confronted with this. More of the white stuff that Mother Nature keeps sending our way.

Instead of snow, I am really dreaming of this. Flowers in bloom.

A shaded front porch on a hot summer day.

The garden statue draped in Wave Petunias.

After reading Chickens in the Road this morning, I have decided to join Suzanne on her quest to will spring our way. I have had my fill of "Old Man Winter". I am ready for garden plots, seed orders, baby chicks, and calves escaping their pen.


  1. One of the Great Truths of Living in Smalltownland: at some point, someone you know will get the call and announce, regardless of when or where (church, middle of class, halfway through the weekly Wally World run): "I've got to get home, the cows are out!"

    I really miss that stuff. I just had to explain the difference between a pig and a hog to our entire faculty, and it's not like Somerset is the Big City.

  2. I am so ready for some wave petunias.
    Is spring ever gonna get here?

    Also, I have no idea the difference between a pig and a hog! Can you do a post on this?????

  3. Airedale Girl - Obviously I need some professional fencing on my farmette. Secret Agent Man just ain't doing the job.

    Dejoni - May have to get back to you on the difference between a pig and a hog.....I hope that it is on Wikipedia....

  4. Deej: in the local vernacular, the pig is the baby and the hog is the adult. The whole flap started with our art professor, a native East Tennessean who most people mistake as citified, asking what manner of pig would be used in the BSU's "Kiss a Pig" fundraiser.

    Farmchick: ask your husband how many times he made fun of the algebra teacher about the same thing when we were in high school. It's poetic justice.

  5. Lovely, lovely pictures! You have a beautiful place there.

    I'm with you ... I can't wait to see spring color. Enough with all of the drabness of white, gray, and brown.


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