Big City Stylin

Today I was afforded the opportunity to make a trip to the big city. Of course I had to go. There is a fine balance between "Farm" and "Chick". A lot of time gets spent here at the farm, so off to the city I went.

Shortly after arriving, it became clear what I had been missing from city life. A cup of Starbucks and a trip to a bookstore were a fine start. A trip to Sephora to stock up on some essentials was next on the list. Clusters of well-groomed ladies, all clad in black, were at my disposal to hunt any merchandise I might need. And, only in the city do sales people wear headsets to communicate with each other. Here in Smalltownland they just yell across the store.....

When it was time to go home it immediately became crystal clear to me why I choose to live on my crazy farmette in an antique house. Traffic was bumper to bumper. Horns were honking and people were cutting me off....without even so much as a wave. Everyone was in a terrible hurry. No sooner had I gotten off of the interstate than I was greeted with a tractor and a load of hay. George Strait magically appeared on the radio and I got stuck behind a senior citizen going 20 miles per hour. Ahhhh....home at last.


  1. I was rolling through Charlotte last Monday with my BFF, who grew up in Grab, and noticed two turkey buzzards sitting on the sidewalk. This was in an upscale neighborhood near South Park Mall, the one with the Louis Vuitton, Godiva, and Tiffany stores. I about died.

    You know, of course, that my parents' house in Smalltownland sits at what's known as the Buzzard Hole along the river. I felt so very much at home...

  2. I never knew that that area where your parents live is known as the Buzzard Hole. Love it!

  3. Welcome home Farm Chick! Once we lure Fredric Fekkai and MAC to Hooterville, we will never have to leave.


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