And so it begins....all over again...

This week is spring break here in smalltownland. I bet you think I am taking it easy, relaxing and enjoying this free time.


We have had some new arrivals here at the farmette. A few new steers came to live with us, just a few days ago.

And, for some reason, a few of them like to stand in a straight line.

All of them are totally rockin' that orange ear tag.

And, none of them are clean. I mean, what happened here? This dude is brand new. I think he needs a bath. Secret Agent Man thinks I have lost it.


  1. They are standing together to battle this flippin' crazy weather!

  2. I love cattle. They are such a beautiful animal (unless they have those dingleberries hanging on). We used to have cows but haven't for a number of years. I kind of miss it.

  3. I love cows, too. There's lots of cows in Jackson County. Sometimes they get out in the road. Our neighbor raises black angus cows. I love the way they just stare you down.


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