Doin' good in the neighborhood - The final installment

Tonight we held a small gathering of family and friends to open our restaurant endeavor. While we will not actually be running the restaurant, we have spent months rehabilitating a very old building located on our town's historic town square. And since it was not really the formal opening (that is tomorrow) Secret Agent Man felt it was his duty to cover the glass doors with his very own top secret weapon targets. Very covert....

Furniture was in place, napkins were folded, and the music was playing.

People began arriving and the food started cooking.

The staff did a wonderful job and the food was EXCELLENT. Miguel's new cook is a keeper, for sure.

And finally, the picture of three couples who brought together time, money, effort, and a little insanity to complete a project that will start a new business in our small town.

I see lots of good times, tacos, and weight watchers in my future.


  1. Good job by some fine people, if I do say so myself!

  2. soooo cool! I am proud of ya'll! and like your previous post too. So if the water pressure gets too low you can always go and bathe with the cows right?

  3. This is so terrific! The Farmer has a master's degree in Entrepreneurialship and he's all over making small businesses a success. I surely hope that the restaurant is a success and that the townspeople support it.

    You go!!!

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  4. Dejoni - We DID do a fine job!

    Karen - I can bathe with the cows as their trough is quite deep...likely up to my neck if I got down in it. Not a bad idea.

    Suzanne - Opening day has been a real success. We hope it continues.

  5. Yay, i'm glad it's going well!

  6. That looks like way to fun much!!! I'm so happy for all of you that 'da bidness is up and running. :)

    BTW - do you serve margaritas? BIG ones???

  7. Congrats-I hope it is a huge success for you all and your town too!


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