Fish, fish bo bish

Now that Secret Agent Man has all of that restaurant work behind him, we decided to take a little fishing expedition today. A day of togetherness, family love, and getting along all day. We loaded up our teensy, wooden, LEAKY fishing boat and headed out to the creek. Secret Agent Man had to be brave and drive across the slab, (a bridge that really is just a slab of concrete over a creek), when the water was flowing over it.

He wanted me to drive my fabulous, ruby red caddy over the slab and I said, ""

We all have our unwritten roles when we head out in the boat. Secret Agent Man mans the oars. Toots snacks a lot and typically, The Deerslayer catches a lot of fish. Me....well, I am the official Office Manager of the boat. I assist with the dispersing of snacks and drinks. I duck a lot, hoping that my crazy children don't hook me in the head while they are casting. And, I attempt to fix tangled fishing lines. On occasion I even wring out the sponge that soaks up water in the leaky boat.

As the self appointed Office Manager of the boat I keep some scrupulous records. Here is our rundown:

Number of baits lost: 4

Number of times a fishing line broke: 2

Number of times the Toots hooked her line way up in a tree: I lost count

Number of cheese puffs consumed: over a million, at least

Number of times I wished I had packed something stronger than Capri Sun: too many times to count people, too many times to count


  1. This post is so cute. Did you catch enough to eat em? Your hubby better be careful of the sun! What a great way to spend the day, living in the country is the best! By the way, you had me cracking up, dodging the fish hooks...hee hee.

  2. I would have driven across that looks like fun!! Hey, tell Toots she needs to pay attention to that fishing stuff because you never know when you might need that skill. It must be fishing weather beause I posted something about fishing today too. Jump over to my blog and see why Toots needs to learn how to fish!! Those kids are cuties.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  3. thanks for stopping by!!!!
    prom went ok.....had to do it inside because of rain but it all worked out!!!!
    and i was just amazed at how grown up taylor looked!!!!
    i am not ready for her to grow up!!!!

  4. Wow, that road looks like a little waterfall. Glad you had such fun on your fishing trip.

  5. Love the sound of your life - sounds a lot like mine. Very small town, a business, loves the farm, a lil' bit farmgirl and lil' bit fluff - and cheese puffs on a fishing trip - perfect!!! We actually went fishing Sunday after church at our pond. Thank you for stopping by - glad you found us - I love meeting new people. Wishing you all the best and we'll talk again. Blessings, Cathy


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