Flower Power

It has been a long, cold winter. Just last week we had some cold temperatures at night. But, finally it seems the weather has broken and so, out comes the flowers. Ferns are out on the front porch.

A Double Begonia is hanging off of the back porch. The hummingbirds love it.

Dianthus is ready to bloom.

The Iris patch is finally blooming and looking very healthy.

I hope your flowers are in bloom and warm weather is headed your way. I know it has been long overdue for us.


  1. It is great isn't it? We planted our garden today, it was also a lot of work. My irises are pretty well finished. I love your porch. how is the restaurant doing?

  2. Karen - The restaurant has been very well received by the community. It is doing so well and I hope it continues to do so! We will be planting our garden this weekend. I will be glad to get those seeds in the ground!

  3. You've got everything looking great! Dianthus is one of my favorites-mine is blooming now and the whole yard smells soooo good. I just wish it lasted through the summer.

  4. I love that blue iris! And I like your porch a lot. That's how I see us in a couple years... our own house in the country with a big porch!

  5. Yes, your iris is beautiful. Mine haven't bloomed and the hummingbirds aren't here yet, either.


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