Thoughtless Thursday


  1. Yes, a metal roof. On a terribly old house that I saw out in the middle of a cow pasture.

  2. There's alot of that disintegration going on around here also. That must have been a beautiful home at one time.

    - Suzanne

  3. That looks like the old house on my favorite movie "Trip to Bountiful" *smiles*

  4. Wish I could hear it's stories. Neat! I loved the previous post too-she is a cutie pie!

  5. Suzanne - I love old houses and things with rust. I also think it must have been a beautiful place at one time.

    Tammy - I am going to have to rent that movie.

    Tipper - I always wonder about the people who used to live in these type of houses. You know there are a lot of stories/history inside those places.


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