Warm weather = more chores

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better. Warm temperatures and sunshine makes everyone feel better. But, with that weather comes a few more chores around the house and farm.

Secret Agent Man has the garden tilled and ready for planting.

The clothes line has been full all day long.

This morning Secret Agent Man did some repair work on the tree swing. It now has a new rope and it is a little higher, since the chiclets are growing much taller. I peeked out a window to check on his progress and caught him swinging away. He tells me it was for "testing purposes". Yeah, right...

I did find someone who seemingly escaped a day of chores. Our cat, Bisquit, napped all day long. He enjoyed some peace and quiet.

Too bad I can't fit underneath that table with him.


  1. Biscuit? Your cat is named Biscuit? that is so stinkin cute!
    Wow what a nice garden area. We are hard at work too in our back yard.
    today we were thinking about what to put where...lots of decisions to make. Don't you love the smell of clothes dried outside?

  2. Karen - Our cat's name really is Bisquit. I love to hang my sheets out on the line, especially.

  3. I love your kitty! the cloths line looks familer - FULL!! LOL

  4. I agree... warm weather definitely brings more chores! It's a welcome change after being cooped up inside for so long! (I'm sure I won't be saying THAT for long!)

    Mr. C just repaired our clothesline, we're waiting for the concrete to finish drying befor I use it. A big windstorm came through and knocked a tree down... which took our clothesline with it! I've missed it!!

  5. Yes, you're right. Warm weather = more chores, alright. Looks like you've been doing some of the stuff we have. We just planted potatoes in our garden. Your cat is pretty, there's one in our neighborhood that looks just like yours.

  6. HA! Country fashion...I love it when people show up unexpectedly and I'm in...muck boots (The puppy chewed the tops off), thick flannel pants cut off at the knees and a barn coat...LOVEly...*L*

  7. PS...beautiful place...VERY cute Blog page...


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