Art in the Alley

Yesterday we attended a wonderful annual event here in Smalltownland. It has only been around for a few years, but each year it grows just a little bit more. Named, "Art in the Alley" because it is held in a back alley that runs behind the historic town square.

Art in the Alley features local artisans and it now has many people coming from other small towns and farms that want to feature, and sell, their art work. People sell jewelry, pottery, hand spun yarn crafts, paintings, flowers, and woodworking crafts.

Here we have The Deerslayer and Toots standing by a piece of art made out of scrap metal. The gentlemen also had many yard items, fountains, and some jewelry made of scrap metal.

There were a few ladies in attendance that were selling their own hand spun wool and yarn. One of the ladies even raises her own sheep, shears them, and creates many things from their wool.

Live music was an all day event. While we were there it was piano music....both classical and some contemporary. During the day there was also Bluegrass musicians and some classical violin being played.

Toots had a blast drawing on the windows of the new pizza place. They furnished window markers for all of the children to come and make their own artwork.

All in all it was a really interesting gathering of creative people. There were several paintings that I was pining over, but didn't actually come home with. What about you? Do you have any interesting festivals going on this summer?


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. That looks like so much fun. We do have festivals here in northern Illinois. The nearby towns each had one type of festival. Geneva had "Swedish Days" which was in celebration of the Swedish immigrants who settled the area. The problem is that local businesses, etc. recognized the festival as a money making opportunity and they started adding festivals....making them up as they went along. "Festival of the Vine".... uh....hello, we have no wineries in the area. No matter, they make it up. The problem is that it's impossible to drive or get parking during these things so in the summertime we stay out of those towns. It's sad in a way.

    Yours looks like alot of fun. I especially love the place where kids can go in and make art.

  3. Here in Lake Redneckville, we have...a car show, every fourth Saturday from April until October. I should really come home to Smalltownland more often.

    Berea puts on some great festivals, and the annual art fair at Woodland Park in Lexington is really nice.

  4. Airedale Girl - I think I may have to check out the art fair at Woodland Park. Hmmmm....don't know about the car shows....

  5. That is awesome! We have several and I usually miss them. The Canton Flea market is becoming quite famous. This weekend there was an art faire at our Renaissance plaza, and I worked. It sounded very cool. I am really getting interested in setting up a home studio to make pottery here. Kayla has planted gourds for art and we have some plans to redo a room into a utility workshop area, so maybe we will join the ranks of artisans.

  6. I haven't heard of anything yet. But stay tuned, cause you know it will be on the blog if I do. tee hee
    I would love to go to the Art in the Alley. Sounds loads of fun and interesting, too!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! Love those kind of festivals-we'll be going to a few this summer-for clogging performances.

  8. Karen and Jerry bought the sculpture the kids are "modeling". My two kiddos went to swim at their house yesterday and there it was.

  9. Looks like you have a great place to live. I recently relocated to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from New Jersey (just 12 miles west of Manhattan) and started blogging about life in a town of 193 with a hound dog ( We're hoping to help our new small town rebuild in this awful economy and today we have a first inaugural community potluck to plant a new tree in the park and have the kids decorate a new sign for the playground. 4th of July is next with what I think might be the world's smallest (but still festive!) parade complete with one fire truck.

    Love your blog!


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